Create a way for your character to gain new abilities. Maybe gain super-speed or Invincibility. Or change your character's size to reach new areas.   Create the Actor Add an actor that will be the power-up. When Touching Actor Use the Event When Occurs. Then add a touching block. For example: set the size. Create the ActorWhen Touching [...]
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Boss Battle

Create a boss character that move on his own and attempts to damage the player. This character should be able to be defeated.

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MadLibs JS

Use JavaScript variables and prompts to create an online MadLib. Get started with this Pen. Prompting the user var wildAnimal = prompt(“Enter a wild animal”); Filling in a Blank HTML: <span id=“wildAnimal”></span> JS: $(‘#wildAnimal’).html(wildAnimal);

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Variables in JavaScript

In your project, Create a JavaScript variable and display the variable’s value in the HTML. Creating a Variable We’re creating a variable named noun1 with the value “Pokemon”. var noun1 = “Pokemon” Displaying the variable in HTML $(‘span’).html(noun1) Tip: If you started from scratch with a New Pen, you’ll need to add jQuery for the […]

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Choose your own Adventure in HTML

Create a ‘Choose your own Adventure’ story using links in HTML. Include at least 2 endings for the user to find. In a Choose your own Adventure story, the user gets to choose what will happen next. Example Adventure See the Pen Choose your own Adventure story in HTML by Learn43 (@learn43) on CodePen.

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Links Lv1

Use at least 1 link in your project. You can link to another web page, an image, or anything on the web with a URL. Creating Links The <a> Tag Visit <a>Google</a> The href attribute href=”http://www.google.com” Complete Example <a href=”http://www.google.com”>Click here for google.com</a> <a href=”mailto:hello@learn43.me”>Click here to email us.</a>


Jumping and Gravity

If you’re creating a Platform style game or a 2D side-scroller, you’ll want to add the ability for characters to Jump. And, of course, when a character jumps there should be Gravity to pull him back down. Jumping What is Jumping? To jump is to move higher on the Y-axis. Inside our Game loop we’ll […]

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Notifications // Level 1

Objective Create your first notification. Create a Notification <zf-notification-static id=”my-notify” title=”My first notification” image=”http://placehold.it/40×40″ animation-in=”hingeInFromTop” animation-out=”hingeOutFromTop”> <p>Hi Genius. Your favorite animal is grumpy cat. </p> </zf-notification-static> Trigger the Notification with a Link <a class=”button” href=”#” zf-open=”my-notify”>Triggers Notifcation with id = my-notify</a> This link opens the zf-notification element with id “my-notify”. Further Reading See the Zurb Foundation […]


Layout // Level 3

Objective Create a grid based layout that responds based on mobile or tablet. Create a grid-block Add a div.grid-block inside a screen (section.grid-content). <div class=”grid-block”></div> Using Grid Classes Inside of the .grid-block create an element an add a grid class. Grid Classes include small, medium, and large. The number of columns is 1-12. <div class=”grid-block”> <div […]