Variables + Speed

  To make the character’s speed something that can vary or change in-game, Create a variable named ‘speed’. The speed variable is show below. Instead of moving 10 steps, the character will move “speed” steps. Ideas Maybe when a player has lower health he moves slower. Maybe when a player has a certain item he moves faster. Use a […]

Default Badge

Variables Lv 1

Use Variables in your game to keep track of something like Lives, Score, Speed, etc. Note: To earn this Badge, only 1 variable is required. Either Lives, Speed, Health, or anything that uses variables. What is a Variable When a video game or computer program wants to keep up with numbers it uses variables. Variables […]


Enemies Lv 1

Create another character that moves automatically. Add an Actor Add a new Actor who will be the enemy. Moving Add blocks to make the actor walk automatically without key presses. Example: Add an ActorMoving