Weapons Lv 1

Create a basic weapon that can damage enemies or destroy obstacles. Choose an Actor Choose / Add an actor. Bombs or Lasers are a good choice. Appear on Key Press Make the weapon appear when a key is pressed. Position & Direction Set the weapon's position equal to your characters position. Movement If your weapon should move [...]

Movement Lv 3

Create other sprites that your character cannot move through. Move Negative Add an IF block to the game loop that checks if the character is touching another object. If touching the object, move the character negative 7 pixels. If your character is moving forward 10 pixels, when touching the object it should move negative 10 pixels. [...]

Audio Lv 1 – Adding Music

This Achievement is about learning how to use HTML’s ability to include audio, music, and sound effects into a web site. Level 1 focuses on adding simple background music. Add the <audio> tag to your web page: Notice the <audio> tag has an src attribute just like <img>. Tip: To find other audio files to […]


Cross-Browser Level 1

Check your webpage in another browser and resolve the differences. If you created your page in Firefox, open the page in Internet Explorer. Are there any differences? Submit your work along with a description of what was different in which browser.

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