How do Badges work?


If you are considering using Badges in a classroom or after-school program, you probably have some questions about how students win the badges, display the badges, etc.

Badges are meant to be a lifelong achievement that will follow the learner from program to program; from organization to organization. (Here is an example of a college using badges in the place of credit hours.)

All of a learner’s badges are stored in a “digital backpack” that is organization independent. ( )

To win a badge, Learners

  1. Choose a badge they want from our list of Learn43 badges.
  2. Read the guide and complete the steps.
  3. Apply for the badge by submitting a link to their work.

All of a learner’s badges won on Learn43 appear on their profile under the Achievements tab. From here a learner can send their badges to the Mozilla Backpack.  Once in the digital backpack they can be displayed on any website, portfolio, and resumé sites like LinkedIn.

Badges always link back to the learner’s work submitted to win the badge and the guide or the badge’s criteria met by the learner.

Can I send Badges via email?

Yes, you can always download the badge image and send via email, but the image alone isn’t enough to upload into the learner’s digital backpack. If the badge is to be a true Open Badge it must link to the student’s work.

Once a learner is awarded a badge it appears on their profile and they can download, email, or send to their digital backpack.

Are Learn43 badges Open Badges compliant?

Yes, all badges awarded here for skills such as learning a new HTML tag or implementing a Game a Design technique in Scratch are Open Badge compliant. The learner is able to send badges from our site directly into their Mozilla Backpack.

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