Video Game Design Careers

Becoming a professional Video Game Designer may be a viable career path for those serious about gaming and technology.

Designing a video game is a cross-disciplinary endeavor requiring not just computer programmers but writers, designers, and graphic artists.

The median salary for a Software Developer in Video Games is about $75k. [source] If programming isn’t for your forte, 3D artists and animators keep to the same salary range. [source]

Qualifications among recent job openings require a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (or a related field) and plus the following In-Demand Skills:

  • Critical Thinking & Teamwork
  • C++ / Object-oriented Programming
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk Maya

Learn more about Video Game Design as an art and profession in our weekly class ‘Design your own Video Game’. Every Wednesday, 4-6pm at the North Memphis Community Technology Center.