Style Cheatsheet

Text Styles

text-align: left; Horizontal Alignment – left | center | right
text-decoration: underline; Text Decorations – eg. none | underline | line-through
font-family: fontname; Font Face (Typeface) – eg. Verdana, Arial, Helvetica
font-size: 16pt; Font Size or Height – eg. 12pt | 15px
font-weight: bold; Font Weight (Boldness) – eg. bold | normal | 200

Size and Layout

width: 400px; Width of HTML element – eg. 100px | 50%
height: 100%; Height of HTML element – eg. 20px | 100%
margin: 5px; Margin – space around an element, or distance between two elements
margin-top: 1px; Top Margin. Also try -bottom: -left: or -right:
padding: 5px; Padding – distance between an elements contents and its border
padding-top: 1px; Top Padding. Also try -bottom: -left: or -right:

Colours & Borders

color: red; Element Colour – eg. red | #FF0000
background-color: white; Background Colour of element
background-image: url(image.gif); Background Colour of element
border-color: yellow; Border Colour of element
border: 1px solid blue; Width, style and colour of border defined together

CSS Lists

list-style: none; Clear existing bullet types set by html list tags